Additional Services

CameraVision also have experience with the installation of access control systems as well as alarm systems.


Access systems
These can be employed in such places as manufacturing facilities or offices, where individuals can only access the area's that are concerned with their particular job. A PC based system can be employed that controls the access privileges applicable to each employee. Additionally, if required, it could be used as a time keeping system as an alternative to the traditional 'clocking in' system.

Additional Services

In the example shown above, it can be seen that several doors have a reader. (ie. A proximity device). Each employee will have a key fob or a card, which they present to the reader. If they are authorized to enter that area, their fob/card will release the door lock mechanism. Certain area's require a key to leave that area as it leads directly into another restricted area. If the particular door leads into an unrestricted area, there will simply be a button that needs to be pressed.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are available in either wired or wireless variants. The wireless systems come with sensors with batteries. These batteries typically last for 5 years at which point a signal is sent to the alarm panel to indicate that the battery has run down and in which sensor. Additionally with these systems there are no unsighlty cables running around the office/home.


These systems come with a fob which allows the alarm to be set, part set or unset without the need to ever approach the alarm panel or require a remote keypad. Indeed the alarm can be activated/deactivated outside the building following exit from the building or prior to entrance to the building.


These systems are accompanied by a wireless bell-box(sounder) which again requires no cables and can be positioned anywhere on the building.


The alarm system can also be connected to the telephone network such that on activation a sequence of up to 3 telephone numbers would be dialed and a precorded message indicating that the alarm had been triggered played to the recipient.