CameraVision CCTV installation and maintenance


CameraVision is a Cwmbran based CCTV installation and maintenance company serving Cwmbran, Newport and the South Wales area. We have been operating since 2004. For more information select the "About us" button.


Installation of a Pan,

Tilt and Zoom(PTZ) camera

at Newport Road Retail Park, Cardiff


CameraVision have carried out installations in shops, schools, storage depots and social clubs in addition to a petrol station forecourt and Newport Road Retail Park in Cardiff. See the the list above under 'Business CCTV Solutions' for more information about a specific business sector.

CCTV and its uses in Business

The benefits of CCTV technology are well documented. As a source of management information for business security, supervision, productivity and behavioural matters this technology is firmly in the ‘must have’ category for most sectors.

Accessing CCTV footage

Up until recently, video footage was stored on cassette, but now it is stored on a hard-disk drive. This has eliminated the need to change these cassettes on a daily basis. Now the images are stored digitally allowing for the storage of weeks worth of footage.


Another benefit is that this type of system, on filling the hard-drive, will overwrite the earliest footage. This will allow for the storage of continually updated footage without any intervention on the part of the owner.

Remote access of live and recorded images

The storing of the images digitally allows them to be accessed remotely via the internet or a mobile phone. To view live footage from camera's outside the premises of the owner CLICK HERE


Leasing terms available, subject to approval.