Results from CCTV installations

Client: Bettws Social Club

Location: Bettws, Newport, Gwent

Loss of handbag

Outcome: A visitor to the club complained about the theft of her handbag during a visit to the premises on a Saturday evening. On investigation of this persons movemements during the course of the evening it was found at closing time that they left the main hall and went into the reception area. Here they were seen to put their bag on the floor before going to the toilet. Bag subsequently picked up by another individual who subsequently left the premises with the bag over their shoulder. The complainant was shown the footage to absolve the club of any blame for the alleged lapse in security at the club, and the threatened involvement of the police did not materialise. Bag later returned to rightful owner sometime in the future. Apparently the bag was picked up by another visitor to the club who didn't realise that she had taken the bag until returning home to London.

Client: Spar

Location: Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran, Gwent

Theft of safe from shop

Outcome: The above premises were broken into. Items stolen included the safe. Footage replayed to show images of intruders. One individual recognised by police. On search of his home safe was found in his bedroom.

Client: Ysgol Bryn Onnen

Location: Pontypool, Gwent

Damage to flower display

Outcome: Outdoor flower display prepared by children was found to be damaged one morning. Was requested to investigate how this damage had come about. Suspicion that kids may have been to blame. Subsequent retrieval of footage found the perpetrators to be - sheep! About 10 of them were found rumaging around in the display to find something edible. Also took to lifting plants in pots and shaking them around in their teeth. Head teacher (as did I) found this footage to be most amusing.

Location: The proprietors property, Cwmbran, Gwent

Theft of petrol powered lawn mower

Outcome: Neighbours petrol powered lawnmower stolen. Morning after found one camera outside proprietors premises had been re-positioned. On replaying footage from adjacent camera clearly saw youth reaching up to reposition camera facing out towards the van. Shortly after footage from this small bullet camera showed lawnmower being pushed away from the neighbours property. Footage from all camera's handed to police. Pepertrators subsequently identified and punished.